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Welcome to the website of the Theological Orthodox Faculty Journal of the Romanian Patriarchy!
„Theological Studies” Journal is published with the blessing of His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel and is managed on the one hand by the Publishing House of the Biblical and Mission Institute of the Romanian Orthodox Church, and on the other hand, by the Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Bucharest University. The editorial staff also collaborates closely with the Printing House of the Biblical and Mission Institute of the Romanian Orthodox Church.
Here, on the electronic pages of this official website of the Journal, you will find information concerning the activity and editorial processes it carries out.
The editorial staff greets all those visiting this website and thanks everybody interested in the Journal, supporting it both materially and morally, as well as by contributing scientific texts in Romanian and international languages (English, French, German). It is a joint effort. Romanian Orthodox theology is called, especially now, to provide a relevant answer to the theological and non-theological challenges of our world.  It enjoys the substantial support of the generations of highly trained theologians who established the Orthodox academic theology in Romania and brought it into direct contact with the foreign one, in the Orient and the Occident.
We hope you can navigate easily on this site to find information that interests you! For any information about site content or business magazine, please contact us either by e-mail or through the Forum website. Also, we invite you to participate in discussions and dialogues initiated on this site and look forward to all contemporary Romanian Orthodox theologian condition, the nature of theology and practice which he proposes that new generations of Christians every time and the extent to which all improvements they need for a gear just as necessary and appropriate modern times that we all live. We find it necessary to exacerbate the idea that today, just through a joint effort and the ideals of contemporary Christian can be made, any isolated approach is meant to limit and progress not as extensive as would be necessary and you want. We look with great interest every young theologians materials (students, master, doctoral, skills and abilities) and, in particular, the professor of theology in Romania! And we hope that all available information among these electronic pages are easily accessible, our work illustrates the need for information and meet the expectations of their travel!
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