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O perspectivă ortodoxă asupra reunificării bisericeşti din 1948

Autor(i): PS Episcop Ambrozie Sinaitul
Soon after the dissolution of the Romanian Church United with Rome by the communist regime, the Orthodox Church had to solve, in several phases from 1 October – 1 December 1948, the issue of the former united faithful returned to Orthodoxy. Although the reunification of the two Romanian Churches in Transylvania had been an old ideal of the Orthodox, this one had never been thought as it was done in the autumn of 1948. Rev. Arsenie Boca’s essay reveals the way in which the Romanian Orthodox Church looked upon this event. While tackling the issue first of all from a spiritual point of view and talking at length with his united interlocutors and bringing historical, theological, cultural, spiritual, logic arguments, as well as common sense, Fr. Arsenie Boca tried to prove that the refuse to integrate the united faithful into the Romanian Orthodox Church is a mistake both from a political point of view, as it would bring about persecutions by the state and from a theological point of view, as the “challenge” of the martyrdom “for the pope” is not a martyrdom recognised and approved by the Church. The essay by Fr. Arsenie Boca also proves the fact that the solutions he proposed for solving successfully the situation of the united faithful integrated into the Romanian Orthodox Church have been confirmed in time and turned out to be correct.

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