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Sfântul Ioan Gură de Aur, dascălul pocăinței (I)

Autor(i): Protos. Hrisostom CIUCIU

The present article aims to present the personality of one of the greatest Saints of the Orthodox Church, St. John Chrysostomos, starting from the description made by an angel, namely the teacher of penance. Analysing St. John’s teaching on repentance, the text highlights the main features emphasizing in particular the prac-tical aspects of it. In this regard this extended article aims to analyse the characteris-tics of the preaching of St. John Chrysostomos on repentance in order to identify those points that have brought him the recognition as the teacher of penance. The text is divided into three parts: the first introduces repentance in its general and practical aspects, as we find it in the writings of the Church Holy Fathers, that is why repentance is portrayed as a five-step spiritual ascension: the closeness to God, self-knowledge, perpetuation, knowledge, and contemplation; the second part makes a presentation of St. John Chrysostom from a hymnographic perspective, in order to demonstrate how was he received by the Church; the very last part presents the teaching of St. John Chrysostomos on repentance, highlighting in particular those distinct teachings, which distinguish him from the other Church Fathers. This way the analysis presented below seeks to support the interest of those who strive to walk on this path of repentance.

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