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Calamităţile naturale – manifestări teofanice, avertismente divine sau semne ale timpului?

Autor(i): Pr. prof. dr. Petre Semen
Based on sound biblical arguments, in this study the author tries to prove that from a theological perspective certain catastrophes or natural calamities, which seem to have been activated only recently, are not only a result of hazard or of man’s recklessness who violently began to transform nature as he wants it to be in his service, but they might be in a way some divine warnings. The author underlines that such an action must be taken as to remind the modern believer, used to a comfortable life and always looking for an increased one, that in all that he does he is being watched also by a God of justice and not only of mercy (Naum, 1, 1-2). Although it might seem that during the times of the Old Testament prevailed the divine justice and in those of the New Testament love and mercy materialized by the embodiment and the sacrifice of the Son, still, Jesus Christ “used” almost with the same frequency the adjective happy and the noun poor.

When faced with the undesired catastrophes, the believers must despair but should really consider the divine message but also should think of them as a manner in which god tests our love. Even in most desperate situations the believer must really be convinced that he still is in God’s care as Isaiah says: “don’t be afraid of anything, because I save you, I call your name, you are Mine. If you shall pass through waters, I will be with you; and the rivers shall not get drowned you; if you shall walk through fire you shall not be burnt and the flame shall not light you” (chapter 43, 1-2).

Pagini: 7-34