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"Cuvântul lui Dumnezeu transmis prin mass-media"

The word of God conveyed through the mass-media

Autor(i): †DANIEL, Patriarhul BOR

Summary: The word of God conveyed through the mass-media
Proclaiming the word of God is the primordial calling of the Church (cf. Matt 28, 18-20; Acts 1, 8, and so on), its missionary work for the life of the world. Preaching the word of God has a distinct salvific goal: to call human beings towards partaking of the life of the crucified, resurrected and glorified Christ, in order to gain the divine, eternal life and joy. Therefore, in every historical era, dynamic religious communities have been actively involved in knowing and employing the new communication technologies. Fast-paced technical progress of the recent decades has challenged all world’s great religions to attune their methods of conveying religious doctrines and ethical precepts to the new culture, dominated by modern communication means. Hundreds of millions of persons now experience religious faith through the mass-media. With various intensities and accents, contemporary religious world has found in the mass-media new vectors enhancing its missionary activity. The Orthodox Church considers that the new communication means – radio, TV, the Internet, the written press – provide new opportunities for mission, but it also signals the challenges which their wrong use may pose to personal and community life.
In the context of Romania’s social freedom since 1990, the Romanian Orthodox Church has begun to give special attention to conveying the message of faith through the mass-media, in the belief that communicating the word of God by means of modern means boosts and extends ecclesial communion and the missionary work of the Church. Following positive communication experience within several eparchies, the Romanian Patriarchate has, over the recent years, intensified its mission through modern mass-media, employing them not as substitutes for traditional pastoral work – which favors personal, direct contact between priest and community members – but as technical support promoting the liturgical, cultural, catechetical, social and philanthropic life of the Church. On 27 October, 2007 the Basilica Press Centre of the Romanian Patriarchate was established, comprising five departments: Trinitas radio station, Trinitas TV, a three-publication group (the daily newspaper Lumina, the weekly Lumina de Duminică, the monthly Vestitorul Ortodoxiei), the news agency Basilica, and the Press and Communications Office. Financially, Basilica Press Centre is exclusively supported by the Romanian Orthodox Church, with the contribution of eparchies and parishes.
Unlike lay media, the Christian one cultivates and conveys the truth of Christian faith in the context of today’s realities, namely a sanctifying truth; it defends the dignity of the human being, created in the image of God, promotes human freedom and responsibility in the realm of private, family, ecclesial and social life, supports the sanctity of family, friendship and concord, fosters the culture of spiritual beauty. Today we see that the mass-media encouraging selfishness, hatred and violence cause spiritual harm. They debase the human person and life in the family, society and nations.
It is the Church’s duty to proclaim the Word of God to today’s secularized world and cultivate man’s communion with God in order to achieve salvation. The light imparted by the Church through the mass-media is rooted in the Gospels, the liturgical life, the mystical lives of saints as well as Christians’ charity or social work. This light is a foretaste of the eternal light in the Kingdom of God. Thus, the Word of God brings in communion with Him all those who receive it as the Word of everlasting life.

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