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"Cărţi din bibliotecile medievale româneşti păstrate în Biblioteca Sfântului Sinod (I)"

Books from Romanian Mediaeval Libraries, kept in the Holy Synod Library

Autor(i): Arhim. Policarp CHIŢULESCU

Summary: Books from Romanian Mediaeval Libraries, kept in the Holy Synod Library
The Romanian Orthodox Church, as very well known, forms the cradle of Romanian culture, civilization and spirituality. It created and promoted the values and activities that had their source in the inner beauty of the human being, springing from faith and meditation. Also in the threshold of the Church, the first printing presses were built up, bringing to life the first printed materials in our country; Romanians also took care of their fellow orthodox believers from the Oriental world and from other regions that were suffering from the heavy Ottoman yoke, by sending them books and printed materials in their language bountifully, in order to feed their spirit.
The Holy Synod Library in Bucharest, located on the premises of the Antim Monastery, holds a vast fund of old Romanian and foreign books. Upon their research for the compilation of a catalogue, several books were discovered that bear the ownership mark of some of the best known Romanian mediaeval book collectors: the High Steward Constantin Cantacuzino, Nicolae Mavrocordat, the Archbishop Neofit the Cretan, not to mention the efforts for collecting books of the Valachian Archbishops Teodosie and Antim Ivireanu, as recorded on the books’ pages.
These books were initially kept in the old library of the Valachian Mitropoly; a part of them were taken by the Academy of the Saint Sava Monastery (nowadays, the library of the Romanian Academy), and the other part, by the Central Seminary (the communists dissolved it in 1948), nowadays the Library of the Holy Synod.

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