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TU ES PETRUS…”: MT 16, 17-19

Autor(i): Pr. lect. dr. Constantin Preda
The primarcy text, Mt 16, 18 has been a battleground for exegetes for a long time. The verse is among the most controversial in all of the Scripture. The literature it has generated is immense, and not a little of it rather polemical. There is an Old Testament background to v. 18 which only a few scholars seem to have appreciated. Of the Old Testament figures to receive a second name, the most memorable are Abram and Jacob. The former was given the new name Abraham to signify that he would be the father of a multitude (Gen 17, 1-8). We find the paralleles between Gen 17 and Mt 16 particularly intriguing. In both cases we witness the birth of the people of God (the Jews in the one case, the church in the other). In both the birth is associated with one particular individual (Abraham, then Peter), and in both that individual has a name which symbolizes his crucial function (Abraham is taken to mean "father of a multidue", Peter to mean the "rock" on which the church is founded).

Pagini: 42-68